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User Logon Tracking

Logon Activity

Automatically detect logon+logout activity, lock+unlock activity for each user. Additionally, all SQL Databases opened + application used are recorded.


Reporting includes multiple Timecard formats focusing on either user or workstation. Powerful intra-day reporting reveals, per selected user, time of each logon, lock, unlock, logout event.

Workstation Utilization

Reporting includes workstation utilization that provides a summary of all usage by any user on each selected workstation. Overall usage time statistics are presented.

Offline and Online

Our always-on technology ensures uninterrupted tracking at all times. User activity journals are uploaded when online or can be manually transferred.

SofTrack provides comprehensive user logon tracking for your Windows® workstations and terminal server sessions including Citrix® environments. Virtual/Cloud desktops are also supported.

SofTrack's unique Windows® workstation agent technology provides a low overhead mechanism to track your users' logon activity at each workstation+session in your environment.