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Control for Autodesk® Flex Licenses

Save money when you control Autodesk® Flex License daily usage per specific users

Would you like the ability to restrict specific users from over-utilizing your Autodesk® Flex licenses? Autodesk® does nothing to prevent over-usage or give you any control of how frequently your Flex licenses are engaged.

As you may know Autodesk® Flex licenses are charged per 24-hour period of usage. That is a great way to save money on Autodesk® licenses used less than 7 times per month (the approximate breakeven point versus an annual subscription license). However, other than exhausting your prepaid Flex license pool, there is no ability to control usage.

SofTrack's Periodic Allotment feature provides the ability to prevent specified users from launching an Autodesk product more than once a week to keep Flex token usage low. The actual time period is customizable to any time period. The maximum number of days of usage is also configurable to be exactly as you define. To ensure compliance, usage is automatically terminated at the end of each day.

The specific users to control are designated via Group Tracking, or, will apply to all users if no groups are specified.

The following sample conveys the results of using SofTrack's Periodic Allotment feature:

Sample usage results of controlling Autodesk® Flex License usage to 1 day per week

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Save money when you concurrently control Autodesk® Flex License daily usage

Would you like the ability to benefit from floating license or concurrent license control of your Autodesk® Flex licenses?

Another SofTrack feature provides you the ability to control how many Autodesk® Flex Licenses are engaged each day. By providing concurrent control via SofTrack's Calendar Day configuration, any Autodesk® license engaged during a Calendar Day will remain committed to the engaging user until the end of day and their usage automatically terminated.

The Calendar Day feature gives you the unprecedented ability to create floating licenses for your Autodesk® Flex Licenses. You save money by limiting how many Autodesk® Flex licenses are allowed to be used per day for specific or all users. Now you can truly enjoy the benefits of concurrent control of your Autodesk® licenses in a way that Autodesk® no longer provides.

The following image provides a representation of each day's activity, in this example, the restriction is set to 2 users being allowed per day:

Sample usage results of controlling Autodesk® Flex License usage to 2 users per Calendar Day

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