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Application Camping detail

Automatic Application Camping Overview Reports

Application Camping reports will provide you with deep usage analysis to know who is using applications, how often and how engaged.

SofTrack Managed Assets automatically tracks all application use by anyone in your organization.

Now you can easily and quickly locate users rarely utilizing an application and those with low activity levels. The Application Camping reports give you unique insights needed to better manage your software estate.

Providing automatic (no configuration required) monitoring and usage tracking of every application started by any user. The Application Camping report is for the date range you select and provides the following powerful details, per user, per workstation, per application:

  • Number of days with activity
  • Applications with NO USAGE
  • Percentage of days with activity
  • Percentage of active application usage versus idleness
  • Number of times the application was started
  • Number of usages lasting 5 minutes or less
  • Percentage of overall number of usages lasting 5 minutes or less
  • Number of usages where 5 or fewer pages were viewed
  • Percentage of overall usages where 5 or fewer pages were viewed
  • Number of usages with excessive and continuously viewed pages lasting 1 hour or more
  • Works with every application, no pre-configuration required, install our workstation agent and receive beneficial reports

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