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Measure User Productivity

Logon Activity

Automatically detect logon+logout activity, lock/unlock and screensaver time for each user. Additionally, every application opened is recorded.

Idle versus Active

Discover application utilization, idle time, active time, screensaver/locked time. Additionally provides the number of unique pages shown to the user for each application usage.

Browser Usage

Capture all Browser pages viewed, active time viewing and search terms used all without any browser plug-ins. Because no browser plug-ins are utilized, all browsers, all versions are tracked ensuring complete coverage.

Offline and Online

Our always-on technology ensures uninterrupted tracking at all times. User activity journals are uploaded when online or can be manually transferred.

There are many methods to measure user productivity. Effective utilization of work accomplished via computer can be determined by the actions the user engages.

User initiated activities from logons, applications activated and pages viewed are all recorded second-by-second. By monitoring window captions (page titles), engaged activity is detailed per application including all browsers revealing active time viewing each page.