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User Logon Tracking detail

SofTrack provides comprehensive user logon tracking for your Windows® workstations and terminal server sessions including Citrix® environments.

SofTrack's unique Windows® workstation agent technology provides a low overhead mechanism to track your users' logon activity at each workstation+session in your environment.

Reports and Graphs identify logon activity of both users and workstations. Select reports include tracking of time workstations+sessions spend in locked mode.

The following sections provide additional details of the included reporting methods.

When you use SofTrack's timecard reporting you can customize the following user timecard logon reports:
  • Basic Details by User
  • Full Details by User per Workstation
  • Weekly Summary per User
  • Workstation Utilization Summary
  • Daily Summary per User
  • Daily Summary per User + Intraday Details
SofTrack's Timecard User Report Configuration allows for numerous filtering abilities including:
  • Workstation Groups
  • Logged on now
  • Time Period
  • Wildcards on user name, computer name and IP address
  • Exception Time Periods
When you use SofTrack's simple reporting interface you can customize any of the 5 available logon reports:
  • By User Logon Name Detail
  • By User Logon Name Summary
  • By Workstation IP Address Detail
  • By Workstation Name + IP Address Detail
  • By Workstation Name + IP Address Summary